Boon Island

“(A)s real as today’s news . . . a maritime whodunit rife with twists and turns and high drama.” Publishers Weekly

“. . . Boon Island is a superb collaboration. It is both well-researched history and a page-turning mystery that begs to be a motion picture.” Portsmouth Herald

“incredibly well written . . .a masterful work,” Chris Ryan, New Hampshire Now, WKXL

“(G)ripping. . . reads like a script from a movie.” Maine Sunday Telegram

Boon Island is a must. . . much recommended.” Midwest Book Review

“Thoroughly enjoyed Boon Island, a book that has all the elements of a great thriller: stormy seas, shipwreck, mystery, collusion, secrets, plotting…. oh, and cannibalism. As a New England resident who has lived through many a Nor’easter, I can easily imagine what horror these shipwrecked sailors had to go through while awaiting rescue on that barren bit of rock (it barely deserves the name “island”). Add to that the way the authors weave in various competing narratives, and the book starts to read like a mystery. A compelling story with compelling characters. Hard to believe it’s all true….” Michael Charney, author of Tea with the Mad Hatter

“A gruesome tale of survival and cannibalism still fascinates after 300 years. . . Gripping. . . . The authors examine the disparate accounts of captain and crew in precise, page-turning detail.” Down East

“This is a well-researched and smartly presented history that reads like a novel, a maritime mystery of dishonor, death, suspicious motives, mutiny, and cannibalism. . . fascinating.” Kennebec Journal

“With Boon Island: A True Story of Mutiny, Shipwreck, and Cannibalism, one of the most brutal survival stories in American history is finally—and fully—told in all its fascinating, gruesome infamy. Equal parts thriller, survival epic, horrifying history, and cautionary tale, if ever there was a story tailor-made for Hollywood, it is this. Masterfully written, Boon Island is that rare creature, a lively scholarly account and a gripping page-turner, that amply rewards history buffs and thrill-seekers alike.”
Matthew P. Mayo, author of Bootleggers, Lobstermen & Lumberjacks: Fifty of the Grittiest Moments in the History of Hardscrabble New England

(A)  “a story that offers mystery, adventure, and heroism of an admirable but often unrewarded kind . . . and a plot twist worthy of a Dickens novel.” The Wire

“Powerful. . . Vietze, a former editor at Down East magazine, is an especially engaging writer. . .” Working Waterfront

Becoming Teddy Roosevelt

“(An) amazing, true-life tale of lasting camaraderie between great men of strikingly different backgrounds and stations. Highly recommended.” Midwest Book Review

“In Becoming Teddy Roosevelt, Vietze celebrates the extraordinary qualities of two men: the one largely unsung, the other well known, larger than life, but rarely shown in so intimate and human a light. It is a joy to read.” Maine Sunday Telegram

“A wonderful book.” Seattle Post Intelligencer

“It’s easy to see why the author has won awards for his historical writing, the narrative never feels strained or contrived as so many biographies often do, but it flows at times like a good novel . . . Becoming Teddy Roosevelt is crucial reading for anyone interested in TR.” Big Sky Journal

“(A)n extraordinary book about an ordinary man, a very human friendship, and a sickly future president.” Book Life

“I’ve been doing this show for 10 years – with 400 authors – and I’m going to put this in the top ten. It’s a classic page turner.” Johnny Kosnow, Open Book, WRFR

(M)eticulously researched . . . remarkable . . . reading this book really brings you into every setting the two men shared, from the lumber camps of Maine to the White House.” Bangor Daily News

“Don’t miss Becoming Teddy Roosevelt . . . There seems to be a lot of writing about and public interest in TR’s legacy to America (River of Doubt, Wilderness Warrior, and In Trace of TR) . . . Becoming Teddy Roosevelt is the perfect sequel.” Lewiston Sun Journal

“(H)ighly readable and entertaining. . . Vietze’s excellent storytelling skills revive the life of a remarkable Mainer who left an indelible mark on his state and the nation.” Working Waterfront

“(W)ell crafted and entertaining. . . These two men genuinely liked, respected, and trusted each other and Andrew Vietze makes us like them, too.” Times Record

“Now the friendship between Sewall and Roosevelt is fully explored. . .” Boston Globe

“Vivid and dramatic. . . a fascinating story of a famous American hero and an unassuming Mainer and how each positively affected the life and career of the other.” Kennebec Journal

“Andrew Vietze’s book is one of those rare and exceptional kinds of works . . .this is a great literary book to include in the canon of Theodore Roosevelt. A wonderful read! Christian Engler

“I highly recommend the book. You will be heartened and moved by the stirring tale it tells.” John Neff, author of Katahdin: An Historic Journey

“Andrew Vietze’s new book, Becoming Teddy Roosevelt, is a gift to all TR fans. . .” Wellesley Free Library Blog, where librarians blog about their favorite books.

Reviews from Amazon’s top reviewers: “[W]onderfully written.” “A stellar work of historiography.” “A remarkable book about two remarkable men.” “Probably the best book I’ve read in the past twelve months.”

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