BTR now a bestseller down under (along with Bernie and Hilary). . .

Began shooting – at least it was my first day – on the documentary about Merrymeeting Bay that I’m scripting for filmmaker Mark Ireland of MI Media. Visited the old Scots-Irish community of Cork on the Eastern River in Dresden, which was wiped out by native raids in the early eighteenth century.

New piece in AMC Outdoors out now. Read it here.

I’m in the Smithsonian! Actually, just part of the fabled institute’s recommended reading list on its travel website. But I’ll take it.

Just finished writing a book for kids about everybody’s favorite Mongol, Kublai Khan, for Rosen of NYC. Due out later this year!

Honored to be asked to speak about Theodore Roosevelt by the National Park Service as part of their centennial celebrations. I’ll be at his old place in Oyster Bay, now Sagamore Hill National Historic Site, in August.

me and TR




Upcoming Events

August 11
Sagamore Hill National Historic Site
Oyster Bay, NY
Time TBA

The New Book!

The Biggest Fish Ever Caught

Now available for Pre-Order at Amazon!


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